Immature platelets can be a useful marker of thrombopoietic activity.

Immature platelet fraction (IPF) is a prognostic indicator of platelet recovery in patients with DENGUE and acts as a platelet transfusion regulator. (Normal range is 1 to 7 %).

High IPF – Suggest Active Bone Marrow

It is mainly elevated in diseases in which platelets are rapidly destroyed after their release from bone marrow. Like ITP, TTP and DIC.

Low IPF – Suggest Depressed Bone Marrow Function

The IPF is usually low in which platelet regeneration is slower such as Aplastic anemia, Liver failure etc. It is also an early indicator of bone marrow recovery in post-chemotherapy and stem cell transplant patients.

The IPF Should Become a Standard Routine Parameter in the Diagnosis and Serial Monitoring of The Thrombocytopenic Patient